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Approaches to Learning

     A gardener maintains the environment of growing plants to a level that maximizes the blooms of flowers or the yield of vegetation. Beautiful flowers and lush vegetation are the results of the gardener using horticultural science to gauge the effect of water frequency, levels of fertilization, and sunlight to maximize the yield of these lifeforms.

     As children develop, they also require a platform that gauges the effects of varying interactions. These interactions equate to the scientific relevancy of water, fertilizer, and sunlight's impact on a garden. Developmental psychology is the science that undergirds childcare.  This field studies how humans grow, change, and adapt due to existence.  As people exist, they experience interactions that shape emotions, and these emotions are reflected in behavior.

Hug Me Tight seeks to maximize a child’s developmental potential through experience. The experiences of young children through the primary developmental domains of language/literacy, mathematics, science, physical motor, and socio-emotional competence do not occur in a vacuum. Stimulation in one area affects the entire realm of existence, regardless of the impact. In recognition of this dynamic, Hug Me Tight utilizes holistic engagement when interacting with children.

This method affords our practitioners greater opportunities of teachable moments to assist children in broadening their critical thinking skills thus enabling them to apply principles across domains of development.

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