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Hug Me Tight Childlife Centers, Inc.



We believe that the care of your child is the single most important consideration when you work outside the home.  You should feel at ease and confident about the place where your child spends their day.  Daily interaction with the loving, caring people who work at Hug Me Tight can positively influence your child’s future.  We strive to meet the physical, cognitive, social. and emotional growth of each individual child in a caring and supportive atmosphere.

Our focus is to provide every student at Hug Me Tight opportunities throughout the day to have exposure to these core subject areas such as literacy, math, and science. Developmentally appropriate practice as promoted by NAEYC and the PA Early Learning Standards advocate that children learn through play.  There are many concepts of play in early childhood. Play is also associated with academic learning where children are interested in finding out information about a given topic by asking questions about it.  In other words, play becomes an act of inquiry—a time of reflection, which builds intellect. At Hug Me Tight, we provide optimum exposure for cognition to develop by providing a learning environment that promotes acts of inquiry.

We design areas in our classrooms that have at the core literacy, mathematical, or scientific activities.  When these areas are set up, children gravitate toward them just to see what is there.  When teachers are involved in the activities, even more children will become curious, and there come teachable moments.  It is a bit like fishing—we set the line with bait and wait for the bite.

If you are interested in supporting our mission and our children, please donate.

Why this Purpose?  Empowering Achievement
   Historically, the achievement gap between   


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